Saturday, December 17, 2005

Inverse Wingman, 1st Class

"Wingmaning" is a sacred and tough job. It takes guts, verve, and the willingness to socially sacrifice oneself for the greater good. Women travel in units with good reason, guys are horny jerks. Women out on the town are like Napoleonic infantry units tightly packed in defensive squares, a lone skirmisher has no chance at cracking such a formation. Hence, a brave cavalry unit, the wingman, must be summoned and thrown against this grim if very attractive female military formation. The wingman performs a deed of social bravery to break the human wall and let his buddy meet the girl he wants, usually at some desperate loss to the wingman's ego and a funny story at his expense.
Since I like to go out and just carry on, that is, going out is for drinking and carousing and I like to meet women in other less artificial and alcoholically influenced situations (although such situations make me a lot better looking and funnier), I make a decent if tactless, unsubtle, poorly dressed wingman. Usually I shower.
Due to my unfashionable manner of enjoying myself many a girl has used me to talk to the guy they want or better yet and more amusing flirting with me to make some other guy jealous. Examples (names obviously changed):

  • "Hi I'm Phyllis. What's your name? Why Joker it's nice to meet you. Who is this? Hi Hank. Say Joker could you fill this glass for me"
  • "Joker, why don't you come to the party" x 5 phone calls -- once at party ignores me
  • The girl who basically spit venom at me since the day I met her and who I knew was insane, she started purring my name and asking me to "adjust" her kickboxing form while hungrily eying my friend. That one just scared me, so I faked illness and tactically withdrew.

If something like this happens to you, well you've just been turned into HER wingman, she's going to stroke your ego and charm you until the guy she wants gets envious or jealous of the attention. That either means he'll make his move on her or get pissed at you. This confusing state of enjoying being wanted but ultimately being rejected can hurt. But with age comes wisdom and increased scar tissue, learning the tell tale signs of being set-up for inverse wingmanship can give an ordinarily dull evening an interesting turn. Completely shutting down erstwhile faux flirtations will make girl's heads explode. Imagine having a girl glare evilly at you while sultrily whispering, "comic books are hot" or "nerds are so sexy" as she desperately fails at arousing any romantic interest in her true target.

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