Sunday, October 30, 2005

Linear Discrimination

I hate lines, ques, whatever you want to call waiting in a geometrically predetermined position. Absolutely hate the inactivity associated with waiting for grocery checkout, ordering take-out, or whatever. It is somewhat alleviated by being with friends or family, but by yourself there's just not a whole lot to do but stare blankly ahead and go to your happy place. I understand the necessary evil of this side effect of supply and demand but when there are other registers available or multiple stations accessible and the staffing is not available it drives me nuts. Me and everyone else on the planet have better things to do, even if it is just sleeping.

Its like competitive inhibition, all the active receptors are saturated by myself and my fellow consumers and yet all these other registers stand silent (the inactivated receptors going through some sort of predetermined cycling time). Think of the jobs created by opening up these "receptors" think of the man (or woman) hours saved by processing everyone through that much faster. Unemployment could be zero and people would have that much more time to produce and expend money. Call it Red Button Economics.

This thought brought to you by leaky tank bolts.

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